Dynamic pose references for artists

PosePerfect empowers you to draw, paint, and create. Easily set up and move a character into the pose you want for your reference.

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View your pose from any angle.

Move the camera around the scene to get the perfect angle for your artwork.

Combine and mix characters and poses.

Combine multiple characters and poses and parametric filters to create more advanced compositions. Access two included characters and many included poses. The possibilities are endless.

Moveable directional light.

Configure the angle of the directional light to get the perfect lighting setup for your reference image.

Rotate every bone.

Use bone handles to easily rotate your character's limbs and even fingers to get the exact pose you want.

Add many characters.

Create the perfect composition without limits. Add and pose as many characters as you want in each scene.


How do I rotate a character's bones?

Simply zoom in until you see the character’s bone handle, then click on it. Then, switch to the rotate tool by pressing E on your keyboard or clicking the rotate icon. Finally, use the rotate gizmo to rotate the bone.

How do I open a saved Pose file?

Launch PosePerfect.exe. Click "Open an Existing Pose File". Navigate to the file you want to open. Click on the file. Click open. Opening .pose files using the "Open With" shell command is not yet supported.

How do I add a character or prop to the scene?

Find the asset browser. It is docked on the left side of the PosePerfect window. Click on the listing for the desired character or prop.

How do I change the character's pose?

You can set a pose from the pose library or configure a custom pose. To set a pose from the pose library, click on the target, look for the pose library panel, then select the desired pose. To configure a custom pose, click on the target, press "E" to switch to the Rotate Tool, select a bone to rotate, and use the rotate tool to rotate the bone.



Action Keybind
Save CTRL + S
Open CTRL + O
Duplicate CTRL + D
New Pose File CTRL + N
Save As SHIFT + CTRL + S
Exit ALT + F4
Undo CTRL + Z
Redo CTRL + Y
Show/Hide UI CTRL + H
Focus on Target CTRL + F
Delete Target CTRL + X
Pan Camera SHIFT + Middle Mouse Button
Rotate Camera Middle Mouse Button
Zoom Camera Scroll Wheel
Enter Select Mode Q
Enter Move Mode W
Enter Rotate Mode E